Our Story

A traveller at heart and knowing how travellers want their journeys to be, Danish Farooq, a travel enthusiast founded Fly Paradise in 2010. With more than 40 professionals at present, we are changing from a Travel Company to a Travel Doctor. Before the inception of Fly Paradise, many companies had made their mark in the market but it's because of our distinct vision and mission, we are a 5 star rated company. We are a part of more than 100 thousand traveller's happy journeys. Creating magical moments for our clients is the reason why we exist. Although this isn't easy task as it seems, we manage to do so with collective efforts of our amazing team. We are operating as a online marketplace to provide a platform for our customers and expects.

We aim to encompass all the components of holiday ecosystem and be one stop solution for the travellers.We not only plan holidays but also provide expert advice and affordable packages to our clients. We are open to queries and cooperate in customizing packages. We strive to expand our network by reaching more and more travellers around the world and by providing quality services.


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