Paradise on Earth Kashmir

When you leave a beautiful place, You carry it wherever you go . (Alexandra Stoddard)”

Known as "The Paradise On Earth", Kashmir is the place like none other. It is said that survival is based on land, Water and air and Kashmir is where you will get three of these things in the most beautiful and purest forms. From it's uniquely pleasurable scenery to it's gratifying tradition and culture, Everything is worth your time and attention. Unalike people have unalike reasons for visiting different places, And Kashmir is a one stop destination for all. Starting with the major attraction of Kashmir, Gulmarg is a must-visit place for the adventure loving and nature loving explorers.For those power skiers who have left no slope unattempted must test their skills on the Have-it-All steep and smooth "Aparwat Peak". Gulmarg offers a great deal for sport lovers with it's never ending choices of sports like skiing, Sledging, Mountaineering, Snowboarding and that too on the ideal slopes and peaks. ‎If you are planning a summer visit to Kashmir, Gulmarg offers you it's commendable golf course to test your hand in golf. This golf course is the world's second highest golf course at height of 2650m with every thing a player would love to have. Having umpteen options of places, Asthetes

can't leave Pahalgam unattended for it has all what can make you eyes stop blinking. In Pahalgam, The greenery, The lakes, The mountains, The air, everything is to die for. Chandanwadi; famous for it's snow bridge, Baisaran; With the perfect blend of green and white and Panchtarni; one of the most commendable camp sites in Kashmir are the best sightseeing spots in Kashmir. To get a bit more closer to the warmth of this Paradise, Dal lake is the place to go as it is beautiful and breezy at day and breathtakingly sensational at night. The sight of houseboats decorated with different coloured lights at night is pure pleasure. Once you reach Dal lake, You can't miss a long ride in Shikara with sun over the head and musical sound of water. What else can be so amazing. Now comes an interesting thing to do. On the bank of Dal Lake, is "The garden of joy", the second largest Mughal garden of Kashmir, The Nishat Garden. From Dal Lake a very special way can take you to Nishat Garden, And that special way is a taxi ride. What's special about it?? It's not any ordinary taxi, it's a fun way Water Taxi which can take you to Nishat through water ways. Not only visting these beautiful places but K

ashmir has many more amazing things to do, Be it listening to Kashmiri folk music with a cup of hot and sweet "KEHWA", Or a day out for shopping in the busiest markets of Lal chowk in Kashmir, Or taking pleasure in the folk dance of Kashmir locally called "ROUF". And how can you miss the most delicious Kashmiri cuisine food locally called "WAZWAAN". To know more about why Kashmir is called "The paradise on earth", you will have to visit this beautiful place.

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